Automatic Invoice Reader

Save thousands of work hours using our Automated Invoice Reader for Oracle. Simply scan the invoices and our program will read, analyze and input supplier invoices directly into Oracle.

Utilizing a complex OCR program, the Module can read, analyze and then open the correct supplier invoices in Oracle.

The program is able to handle 2400 supplier invoices in an hour!

Main Use

Our reader uses a complex OCR program that “reads” a scanned document and translates it, then analyzes the text and separates them into parts - supplier name, invoice number, detail lines, etc and automatically inputs the information into Oracle.

No more manually inputting the invoices into Oracle!

Secondary Use - Invoice scanning and allocation of invoices

Some of our clients use our program to save valuable time on scanning and inputting the invoices into the correct supplier in Oracle.

After all the invoices have been inputted into the system, instead of opening each supplier and scanning their invoices and then attaching them to the right place, our program will scan thousands of invoices an hour and automatically file them under the right supplier.

This method saves valuable time spent manually identifying and matching the invoices.