Digital Signature Surfaces for Oracle

Upgrade to signing on a Digital Signature Surface and save space and lots of time searching for the right documents, and upload all your digitally signed documents straight to Oracle.

This Module is good for organizations that :

  • Create a large number of documents that are signed by clients
  • Want to eliminate printing costs as well as scanning and archiving costs
  • Want to save time getting clients to sign documents
  • Want their paperwork to be completed quickly and accurately
  • Want to limit their risk of lawsuits
  • E.g., banks, hospitals, government offices, car dealerships, hotel and hostel organizations, insurance dealers, service providers, rental companies, or any other company that works primarily with large amounts of people

VPSign Digital Signature Surfaces for Oracle

VPad is an intuitive electronic device that receives and embeds a handwritten signature into documents. It is offered as a screen with an electronic pen than enables it to display documents of any length in their original format and allows for signing on the screen in the same way that one would sign papers with an ink pen.

This device eliminates the need to hold physical paper copies of documents from a legal perspective and can save the company thousands of dollars a year.

Portable Digital Signing Surfaces - Tablets and Smartphones

Instead of printing the shipping certificate, then returning it to the client after the signature, risking mistakes or loss of the document, and finally filing it in the right place - the mobile Digital Signature device enables you to sign anything with the client and file the document in the right place directly and automatically with Oracle. No need to print or file! The Dispatcher uploads to each device all the deliveries that they will make that day. The physical shipping certificate is delivered to the client and the copy is signed on the smartphone or tablet directly.

The signed document is automatically filed in Oracle!